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    The sensegender flag

    Sensegender is a gender identity in which one knows that their gender is static but their perception of it changes. This may also lead to a disconnect between one's gender and the definition they use for it.

    For exemple, one may have a masculine gender but feel like their hold on it varies, sometimes until they can't feel it, before coming back. This works also for genderless individuals who would feel variations in their lack of gender.

    It is different from being genderfluid because while their feeling of their gender changes, the gender itself never actually fluctuates.

    This can also be caused by being cassflux or apagender-flux. This gender falls under the schrodigender umbrella.


    The term was coined by Justanotherbattery on November 4, 2021.


    The flag was coined by Justanotherbattery on November 4, 2021.

    The circle in the middle represents the static of the gender and the lines represent the fluidity in it's perception.