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    The Semamoric Pride Flag

    Not to be confused with Semi-Bisexual

    Semamoric also spelt, simamoric, is the attraction to certain genders, but only half attracted to them, the other half being zero attraction simultaneously. Someone who is semasapphic for example, only feels half attracted to female aligned genders, but also feels half unattracted to female aligned genders. This can be an exclusive attraction in some cases, or this can be referring to specific genders, such as if someone only feels half attracted to lunarians and half unattracted, but feels full attraction to demiboys. this can be any kind of attraction, whether it be sexual, romantic, sensual or other forms of attraction.


    Sema- can be used as a prefix for any orientation or attraction. Some examples include:

    Semastraight, Semalesbian, Semavincian, Semabi, Semapan, Semasapphic, Semachillean, Semaenbian, Semacetero, Semaomni, Semaply, or other orientations.


    The Semaflux Pride Flag

    Semaflux is when ones half attraction fluctuates, almost in a 0-100 scale in a sense. 0 would be experiencing absolutely no attraction to that gender, 50 would be being semamoric towards that gender, and 100 would be experiencing full attraction to said gender, and any other numbers inbetween.

    Semajump is when one normally isn't Semamoric, but experiences spikes of being Semamoric.

    History and Flags

    The term Semamoric was coined on June 17th, 2021 by FANDOM user Zer0Rebel4. the main flags were also made by them, and have no defined meaning. The terms were coined on this page and have no external resources.