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    The outherine flag.
    A thirteen stripe flag, gradient from teal to green to yellow to orange to red
    An alternate outherine flag.
    Alternate outherine flag by ElderflowerJuice.

    Outherine (pronounced oh-u-ther-ine), also spelled outhrine, is an umbrella term for the qualities associated with atrinary anthrogenders (genders unrelated to masculinity, femininity, androgyny, nullity, or neutrality "yet not exactly xenine"[1][2]). The coiner of the term states that there are generally four qualities used to explain or define gender identities, expressions, and connections: feminine, masculine, androgynous and neutral. These four concepts are subjective yet they're possible to imagine.[1] However there are genders that are unrelated to these qualities, such as maverique, ilyagender, and aporagender. These genders have entirely new qualities. These new qualities are known as outherinity. The adjectival form is outherine (the equivalent of feminine or masculine). The noun form is outherinity (the equivalent of femininity or masculinity) individuals will also sometimes use outherity.

    Outherinity is a concept to describe these new qualities, or essences, in general. Since these genders are vast and individuals can experience them all differently, outherinity it is not a single quality or concept. It describes not just a fifth quality, but also a sixth, seventh, eighth, etc quality- anything that is unrelated to masculinity, femininity, neutrality, or androgyny can be described as outherine. Outherine qualities are as subjective as the main four qualities. Only the individual in question can determine whether or not their identities (or expressions) are outherine.

    Outhrine can also be used for unique combinations of the main four gender qualities. For example, if someone is simultaneously neutral and masculine yet they see it as something different or separated, combining to be more than the sum of its parts, then it can be described as outhrine.

    This concept can also be used for culture-exclusive genders, if one thinks the other four qualities do not apply or make sense to their identities and/or experiences.


    Outherinity was coined by Tumblr user Oltiel on January 12, 2019[1]. The flag was designed by Tumblr user imoga-pride on July 26, 2019[2]. The alternate flag was made by wiki user honk4bees on June 9th, 2021, using slightly modified versions of the colors from the original flag, with thirteen stripes to match the other gender quality flags. Outherinity is called outrinidade/outerinidade and outrine/outerine in Portuguese.[3]


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