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    The ilyagender flag.

    Ilyagender is an outherine gender in which one has a tangible presence of gender. However, that gender is not man, woman, neutral, or agender in any way. It is not in between any of these genders, and it is not a combination or derivation of any of those genders.

    It is very similar to aliagender, aporagender, and maverique however ilyagender is more specific. Aliagender and aporagender are not genderless and are not male or female; but they can be neutral or related to neutrality. Maverique is not genderless, male, female, or neutral, but it never specifies if it is not related to neutrality. Ilyagender goes out of its way to specify that it is not in any way related to, or derived from, these gender qualities. It is a gender that is defined by its own existence.


    Ilyagender was coined by Tumblr user Epochryphal on December 30, 2014[1]. They later specified the differences between ilyagender and aliagender, aporagender, and maverique on February 10, 2017[2]. In this post they also stated that ilyagender is associated with orange, brown, and grey.


    The ilyagender flag was designed by Tumblr user Xeno-Aligned on October 23, 2019[3]. They used orange, brown, and grey, which Epochryphal said were the colors associated with ilyagender. The orange was taken from the maverique flag, as they are similar identities.


    Ilya- comes from the French phrase “il y a” meaning "there is", so ilyagender literally means "there is a gender".


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