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    The aporagender flag
    An alternate aporagender flag
    The aporagender symbol
    Alternate aporagender symbol.
    Another alternate aporagender flag
    Another alternate aporagender flag

    Aporagender is a non-binary gender, or group of genders, defined as being separate from male, female, and anything in-between, while still being a strong and specific gendered feeling. Aporagender individuals are not a combination of binary genders (unlike androgyne individuals), yet still have a strong gendered feeling (unlike agender individuals).

    Aporagender can be used as an umbrella term or as a gender on its own. It may sometimes be a synonym of neutrois, depending on the definition of neutrois used (such as neugender or neutral comgender). It is very similar to abinary, and all aporagenders are inherently abinary, however aporagenders are also very commonly atrinary (but do not have to be). Maverique is a well known example of an aporagender.

    The gender quality associated with aporagenders is aporinity.


    Aporagender was coined on the Tumblr blog Aporagender some time in 2014, around the same time that maverique was coined. The individual who coined the term made it as an alternative to aliagender, due to concerns that aliagender might be "racist or appropriative."


    The aporagender flag was designed by Hyaenahart on the Aprogender blog. The color meanings are as follows: Blue and pink, representing maleness and femaleness, have been put on either end of the flag to show that this gender is separate from them. Purple represents feeling in between male and female, and possibly represents the spectrum of aprogender identities. Yellow represents how the gender is nothing like being female, male or both. It is placed close enough to blue, purple and pink to show that it’s still connected strongly to some sort of gender. It also represents how it’s a non-binary identity.

    An alternate aporagender was designed by Mod Lune on the Tumblr blog wedontcareaboutyourbinary on July 3, 2018.[1] They were dissatisfied with how strongly the original flag focuses on the binary gender and “betweenness”. Yellow and green were chosen as they are strongly associated with non-binary identities that are completely separate from a female/male (pink/blue) point of reference. Teal represents aporagender identities that may seem similar to maleness/masculinity or femaleness/femininity, but are distinctly their own separate gender feelings. The black diagonal stripe is in opposition to white, which frequently references lack, absence or void. Black represents the presence of a specific gender feeling. Its diagonal orientation refers to the existence of these genders on a plane completely distinct from the binary.

    Two more alternate flags were created by FANDOM user MimiRat on August 25th, 2021.[2] The meanings for these flags are the same as the meaning of the original flag.


    The symbol was created by Tumblr user z1msoda on August 4th, 2021.[3] An alternate symbol was created by Tumblr user mourningmogaicrew on August 13th, 2021.[4]


    The prefix apora- comes from the Greek word apo, meaning "separate".

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