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    Non-binary Sapphic Flag
    Alternative Non-binary Sapphic Flag
    Non-binary sapphic flag

    A non-binary sapphic is a non-binary individual who is attracted to women or woman aligned people, either exclusively or nonexclusively. Non-binary sapphics are often—but not necessarily—feminine aligned or fingender, woman aligned or fiaspec, woman-related, girlprox, intrafeminine, or transfeminine.

    Similar terms include trixic, sapphic, axinitian, and non-binary lesbian.


    alternate dusk non-binary sapphic flag :)
    alternate dusk non-binary sapphic flag :)

    Both non-binary sapphic flags were created on November 12, 2020 by an anonymous wiki user. They are based on the sapphic flags, but the colors are shifted more towards the colors from the non-binary flag. The top stripe was overlaid with yellow, creating a slightly orange color. The bottom stripe was overlaid with dark purple, creating a magenta color. The violet was overlaid with dark grey, making a darker violet. The colors for the center of the violet were altered so they are the same as the top and bottom stripe. The alternative dusk non-binary sapphic flag was created on April 22, 2021. The purple shades represent the many genders the term non-binary encompasses, while the yellow-white stripes represent attraction to women. The light pink moon represents femininity, as both the moon and the color pink have been used as symbols of it. The violet represents the same thing it does on the wlw sapphic flag.

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