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    The non-binary lesbian flag by thepokedexisgay.
    A simplified version of thepokedexisgay's flag by TraumatizedCryptid
    The non-binary lesbian flag by rosaria_drip.
    The non-binary lesbian flag by Fruitindividual.
    Non-binary lesbian flag
    Alternate non-binary lesbian flag by twitter user theybian.

    A non-binary lesbian (sometimes abbreviated to lesbianb, lesbianby, or lesbienby) is a non-binary or genderqueer individual who is attracted to women, woman-aligned individuals, and/or feminine-aligned individuals in a sapphic way and identifies as a lesbian. Non-binary lesbians are often (but not necessarily) feminine-aligned/fingender, woman-aligned/fiaspec, or woman-related, etc. However, not all feminine-aligned non-binary individuals who are attracted to women identify as a lesbian.

    It is sometimes also used by neutral, abinary, agender, or unaligned non-binary individuals. It may also be used by non-binary individuals who are masculine-aligned but don't experience manhood, or those who experience manhood but in addition to another gender.


    The first non-binary lesbian flag was create by thepokedexisgay on April 20, 2018.[1] It has no confirmed meaning.

    Another non-binary lesbian flag was created by Twitter user rosaria_drip (previously wintermidnight) on December 19, 2020.[2] The flag was no confirmed meaning.

    Another non-binary lesbian flag was created by Fruitindividual on February 11, 2021. The flag has confirmed meaning by combining the colour meanings used by both the lesbian and non-binary flags. The yellow symbolizes being outside the gender binary. White represents individuals who are all or many genders as well as an attraction to womanhood. Purple represents the "fluidity and and multiplicity of many gender experiences, the uniqueness and flexibility of non-binary individuals, as well as representing those whose gender experiences include being in between female and male"[3]. Black represents genderless, agender, gendervoid, and other gender-absent identities. The dark orange bar symbolizes gender non-conformity and the breaking of gender roles. The center orange represents individuality and freedom from the male gaze, patriarchal belief systems, and finding individualal acceptance in oneself. The light orange represents community, solidarity in said community, and anti-exclusionism. The flag redesign was inspired by Fruitindividual's partner who is a non-binary lesbian and wanted a flag for them and the rest of the community to be proud of.

    Another non-binary lesbian flag was created by twitter user theybian, January 2nd 2021.[4] The dark orange stripe represents gender non-conformity, the orange stripe represents rejection of the binary, the light orange stripe represents healing, the white stripe represents wholeness, the pink stripe represents self acceptance, the dark pink stripe represents love for women, and the black stripe represents complex relationships with gender and sexuality.


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