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    Noetiromantic pride flag
    Alternate noetiromantic flag by Tumblr user felix-makes-flags

    Noetiromantic is a term for when one is only romantically attracted to those they are mentally connected to. It can be considered an alternative to sapioromantic, though it is not purely based on intelligence. It is based on appreciating and being interested in one's opinions, point of view, perception of reality, how they see the world, and how their mind works. One may be attracted to someone based on, shared perspectives, the ways their mind work together, the way the other person creates and hold space for them or others, or to the shape of your mental landscape. It may or may not be influenced by one's neurodivergence.

    The knowing someone in a noetic way is noetilinking. It can involve sharing and cocreating noetiscapes, building worlds together, expressing oneself fully with another in ways not limited to or by sexuality and romance.

    It can also be described as someone who does not experience romantic attraction to someone until they experience noetic or mental attraction to them. This term is considered to be part of the aromantic spectrum, as well as being connected somewhat to demiromanticism.

    The sexual equivalent is noetisexual.

    History and Flag

    This term was coined by the Tumblr blog Beyond MOGAI Pride Flags on December 16, 2016. The flag was coined at the same time.

    The alternate flag was made by Tumblr user felix-makes-flags on December 20th, 2021.[1]

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