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    the Neptunun flag

    Neptunun is a gender in the aecor system in which ones gender feels like or is influenced by the ocean or the sea. It has some overlap with seagender.

    This could be a xenogender in which ones gender is connected to or influenced by the ocean, or it could be considered a form of pangender, in which one experiences a vast amount of genders, similar to the vastness and depth of the ocean.

    Neptunun is the most vast aecoric gender in the system, so a neptunun individual may have many aspects of their identity that they do not understand. Neptunun may also include faunagenders connected to the ocean ecosystem, such as ichthyogender. Neptunun may be added on to another identity, and one may identify as a nepgirl, a nepboy, or a neptenby.

    Neptunun may also be considered a genderflux identity, in which ones gender fluctuates similar to the way that a tide may come in. It may also be a genderspike identity, as certain gendered feelings may come and go in waves, some more gentle than others. It is a faunagender and may also include kingenders.


    Neptunun comes from Neptunus, known in English as Neptune, the Ancient Roman god of the sea.


    Neptunun was coined by Fandom User Double-bi, also known as James, on January 2nd, 2021, in addition to the rest of the genders in the Aecor System.

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