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    Muscusexual, latamascusexual, solariasexual, or muscuxi is the exclusive attraction to men, boyflux, demiboy, or any other gender that is fully or partially, in any way, associated with being a man, manhood, miaspec, man-aligned, man-related, MAIN (male in nature), MIN (masculine in nature), masculine-aligned, eiri (man, man-aligned, or masculine-aligned), a mingender, or are characterized by masculinity, or a relation to manhood in some way. They are also attracted to agender individuals, this may also include agiaspec, agingender, and agenrinity such as singularian individuals, but doesn’t have to. Muscusexual individuals are generally attracted to many masculine aligned genders but don’t have to be attracted to all masculine aligned genders or agender individuals. Muscusexual individuals can be attracted to all eiri individuals, not just masculine ones, such as masculine, androgynous, feminine, and other presentations eiri individuals, and anyone of any gender can identify with the term.

    It is different to uranic since muscusexual individuals are specifically attracted to masculine genders and agender whilst uranic individuals are attracted to men and non-feminine non-binary individuals. It is also different to solaric since muscusexual individuals can be attracted to binary men as well as agender.

    The feminine counterpart is feminaesexual. The flexible counterpart is muscu-flexible.


    The Original Muscusexual Flag was designed by FANDOM user RoseWatera on the 18th of November, 2020. The black symbolizes attraction to agender individuals, the cyan is to represent liking demiboy individuals and those who are boyflux, the sky blue is for their attraction towards all masculine-aligned genders, and the blue symbolizes their attraction towards all men.

    The Muscusexual Flag Redesign was made by FANDOM user RoseWatera as a redesign of the first on June 15th, 2021. The light cyan represents their attraction to walnutians and hypergender men. The dark sky blue is for attraction to men/miaspec. The darker blue represents liking any man/masculine-aligned gender. The black-ish blue represents their attraction to libramasculine individuals and demiboys, and the black is for attraction to agender/genderless individuals.

    Muscusexual Flag Unsimplified was coined by FANDOM user RoseWatera as an 'unsimplified' version of the main flag. Every stripe is supposed to represent a different masculine gender.

    The Muscusexual Flag Unsimplified Redesign was created on the 30th of July 2021 by tumblr user crying-roses. Every stripe represents a different masculine gender.

    Clear.Skyes’ Muscusexual Flag was created by FANDOM user Clear.Skyes on the 15th of December, 2020. It was based of the original flag but has more shades to give the sense that it goes for masculine-aligned genders.

    Homesick Moonstone's flag was created on December 16, 2020. Purple represents attraction to bigender individuals, blue represents attraction to binary men, the lighter blue represents attraction to individuals who aren't 100% male but still have a masculine gender, white represents attraction to agender individuals, yellow represents attraction to abinary individuals, light green represents attraction to neutral-aligned individuals, and green represents attraction to neutral/neutrois individuals.

    The Muscuxi Flag was created by Tumblr user crying-roses on the 18th of August 2021 as a flag to go with the alternate name, muscuxi. The Dark Blue is for aro-spec individuals, the blue stands for the split attraction model. The Dark Sky Blue is for attraction to all masculine genders and agender. The Cyan is for other types of attraction, such as queerplatonic, and the Light Cyan is for ace-spec individuals.

    The latamascusexual flag was coined by Tumblr user crying-roses on the 28th of July, 2021 as a flag to go with the alternate name, latamascusexual. The Dark Blue represents non-conforming masculinity. The Sky Blue represents miaspec/mingenders. The Cyan represents masculinity. The white represents agender individuals. The light turquoise represents men. The Ash Green represents all masculine genders. The brown represents rosboys, masculine-boys, and androgynous-boys.

    The solariasexual flag was coined by Tumblr user crying-roses on the 20th of August, 2021 as a flag to go with the alternate name, solariasexual. The white represents genderless individuals. The light yellow represents attraction. The gold represents miaspec/mingenders. The Dark Gold represents gender.


    The Term Muscusexual was coined by FANDOM user RoseWatera on November the 18th, 2020 through the creation of this article, and has no outside resources. The term was coined as a masculine counterpart to feminaesexual.




    User blog:RoseWatera/Remade Old Flags#Muscusexual



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