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    The mascusexual flag by nebularomantic.
    The mascusexual flag by HakuoTan.

    Mascusexual, manusexual or masculisexual is a term with several, independently created definitions. Currently the most widely seen definition is the attraction to people with a masculine gender presentation, regardless of actual gender. This definition is similar to minsexual but is more specific. For minsexual, gender might sometimes be a factor, however for mascusexual gender is never a factor, only gender presentation. Mascusexual are never attracted to non-masculine presenting people.

    The counterpart to this definition is fesexual.

    History and Other Definitions

    The earliest known use of the term is on a DeviantArt stamp by OnyxNocturne from December 29, 2011.[1] OnyxNocturne defined mascusexual being "the attraction to masculinity over femininity".

    On May 7, 2015, mascusexual was mentioned on a post on AVEN by Star Bit, and was defined as being a subtype of pansexual, in which one is attracted masculinity (regardless of gender).[2] It's unclear were Star Bit got this definition and it may have been independently coined from OnyxNocturne's definition.

    On January 20th, 2019, mascusexual was defined by Tumblr user pridebois as "non-binary people attracted to men".[3]

    On June 15, 2020 HakuoTan independently coined the term and defined is as the attraction to men, masculine-aligned non-binary people, and androgynous non-binary people. They also created a flag at the same time. The counterpart to this definition is is femmesexual (as defined by HakuoTan).

    The currently seen definition is similar to previous definitions, but was elaborated on and was more widely seen. It was independently coined by an anonymous Tumblr user on or before Feb 3, 2019. The flag was created by nebularomantic.[4]

    Manusexual and masculisexual were coined by Tumblr user lgbtqiarchive to mean attraction to the gender presentation, regardless of gender.[5]


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