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    Minifemsexual is a term inspired by omni-achillean. If an individual is minifemsexual, they mainly feel sexual attraction to masculine and non-binary people, but also a small sexual attraction to feminine or feminine nonbinary individuals. The masculine attraction can be equivalent to or greater than the non-binary attraction, but the masculine and non-binary attraction always largely outweigh the feminine attraction. The masculine equivalent is minimascsexual and the romantic equivalent is minifemromantic.
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    The name "minifemsexual" comes from "nofemsexual", or Uranic for short. It is similar to nofemsexual but since there is minimal feminine attraction, it is called "MINIfemsexual".


    Original Minifemsexual flag created by iLikeWatermelonszz on 9/7/21

    The minimascsexual flag was created by the coiner, FANDOM user ILikeWatermelonszz, and it has five stripes: blue, turquoise, yellow, peach, and red. There are no know meanings for these colors. The large male symbol represents strong masculine attraction, with weak feminine attraction in the much smaller female emblem.

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