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    Minimascsexual is a term inspired by "nomascsexual" or neptunic. If an individual is minimascsexual, they mainly feel sexual attraction to feminine and non-binary people, but also a small sexual attraction to masculine or masculinenonbinary- individuals. The feminine attraction can be equivalent to or greater than the non-binary attraction, but the feminine and non-binary attraction always largely outweigh the masculine attraction. The feminine equivalent is minifemsexual and the romantic equivalent is minimascromantic.

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    The name "minimascsexual" comes from "nomascsexual", or neptunic for short. It is similar to nomascsexual but since there is minimal masculine attraction, it is called "MINImascsexual".


    Created on 9/7/21
    The Minimascsexual flag by iLikeWatermelonszz

    The minimascsexual flag was created by the coiner, FANDOM user ILikeWatermelonszz, and it has five stripes: red, fuschia, lime, purple, and blue. The red represents the strong feminine attraction. The fuschia represents the feminine-aligned non-binary attraction. The lime green represents the non-binary/neutral attraction. The purple represents the masculine-aligned non-binary attraction. The blue represents the male/masculine attraction. Notice how the stronger attraction representation is at the top, and the weaker the attraction is, the more towards the bottom the stripe is. The female symbol represents strong feminine attraction, with weak masculine attraction in the much smaller male emblem.

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