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    Lapian, also known as Kyanitian refers to someone who is mlm, nblm, nblw, and mlw, meaning someone who is non-binary and a man who is attracted to men and women. Being "non-binary and a man" includes A) individuals who are genderfluid, and are sometimes non-binary and sometimes men. B) Bigender or multigender individuals who are men or man aligned and non-binary at the same time. C) Masculine aligned non-binary individual who feels connected to manhood as well as being non-binary. A lapian individual is attracted to men and women and/or prioritizes their attraction to men and women over other attractions they may have. Lapian is an umbrella term, like diamoric, though it can also be used as an identity by itself.

    The wlw, nblw, nblm, and wlm equivalent is Callistian.


    The term lapian was coined by Tumblr user Xeno-aligned on August 5, 2018[1]. The name comes from Saturn’s moon, Lapetus. The flag was designed in the same post. The color meanings are as follows: Pink represent womanhood and feminine non-binary genders. Blue represents manhood and masculine non-binary genders. Purple represents multigender non-binary individuals, White represents non-feminine and non-masculine (unaligned) non-binary genders.

    Kyanitian was proposed as an alternate to lapian by Anthropomimus on August 9, 2018[2], because the term sounds very similar to lapisian, which is another juvelic orientation. Kyanitian is based on kyanite, which is another dark blue gemstone.


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