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    Interother is an exclusive gender for intersex individuals who identify as xenine, outherine, or otherwise anonbinary (etc.) in a uniquely intersex-way. They may feel as though they are an altered form of these genders, or they may just wish to embrace the intersex part of their identity, despite feeling little to no connection to it.

    To be interother, one does not have to have been assigned X at birth or unassigned at birth. Instead, they simply have to identify as anonbinary in some shape or form, regardless of whether or not they have biological xenine-like, outherine-like, and anonbinary-like characteristics.

    If someone identifying as interother has biological traits that are seen as 'other than binary' and/or 'other than androgynous,' they may also identify as cisgender, however they do not have to if they feel cis does not match their experiences.

    They may or may not be fluid or fluctuate between anonbinary identities, or (more specifically) intersex-related anonbinary identities.

    This term was coined as many intersex individuals have a unique experience with anonbinaryhood, due to their sex. This could overlap with being intergender, or another intersex-exclusive gender.

    This term falls under the Inter-System, where other similar genders and counterparts are listed.


    Subsets to this term includes:


    Interother was coined by FANDOM user Cryptocrew on May 12th of 2021, in order to assist and support intersex individuals who are connected to anonbinary genders and struggle to describe themselves.


    The interother flag was designed by FANDOM user Unfunny person420/Uncertified Funny on May 12, 2021. It is a simplfied version of the outherine flag, with the intersex symbol and a diagonal black line. The black line represents inter-aligned genders and all other exclusive genders meant for intersex individuals.

    The original interother flag was later changed to represent interine instead, because of the design.

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