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    The anonbinary flag
    The anoedian intersex flag
    The horizontal anodiean flag
    The vertical anodiean flag
    Etcetarian flag

    Anonbinary, alternatively called anodiean, etcegender or etcetarian, is a gender that is outside of binary and non-binary genders. Anonbinary individuals are not necessarily agender as they have a feeling of gender. Their gender is simply not a binary or non-binary gender.

    Anonbinary can be a gender identity on its own or it can be used as an umbrella term. Some anonbinary individuals may also identify as transgender. Anonbinary can include genders, such as xiagenders or xenogenders, that aren't defined how they relate or don't relate to the gender binary.

    Anonbinary individuals can have any sexual orientation. Some may use the anonbinary collection of sexualities.


    The term anonbinary was coined by Tumblr user anonymous user and posted by pride-color-schemes on June 19, 2017.[1]

    Anodiean was coined as an alternative term for anonbinary by tumblr user isobug on March 13th, 2023.[2]

    In September 14, 2023, Tumblr user neopronouns published a distinct flag and term for anonbinary, called etcetarian,[3] based on etcegender, coined by arco-pluris in August 21, 2018.[4]


    The original anonbinary flag was coined by user Mod Hermy through pride-color-schemes on June 19, 2017. It has no confirmed meaning.[1]

    The anodiean intersex flag was created by isobug on March 13th, 2023.[2]

    Two distinct flags that are connected to the term anodiean, but free to be used by any anonbinary individual regardless of their use or preference for the term, were posted along with a simplified explanation by isobug on September 26th , 2023. The first version of the flag was made to be closer to the original anonbinary flag format, while the second is flipped to be more distinct. Both use colors from isobug's Nonbinary flag remake.[5] The stripes have no confirmed meanings.[6]


    Anonbinary uses the prefix "a-" meaning "without" or "not".

    Anodiean takes “a-” and “no-” from Anonbinary while replacing the Latin “bi-” prefix with the similar Greek prefix “di-”, adding the suffix “-ean” which is used to mean “relating to”. The term is meant to roughly translate as “relating/belonging to no two binaries”, "because Anonbinary genders don’t exist in relation to binary or nonbinary genders, nor do they belong to either."[2] According to the coiner, it's similar to how aphorian is an alternate term for abinary.[6]

    Etce-, from etcegender and ectetarian, comes from etcetera.


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