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    The AXAB flag.
    An alternate AXAB flag.
    The AXAB trans flag.

    Assigned X at Birth (AXAB), also called Designated X at Birth (DXAB) or X Assigned at Birth (XAAB) is an assigned gender that is typically, but not exclusively, used for babies with intersex traits. AXAB most commonly is used for someone whose external sex traits could not be neatly identified as female or male. Assigning such classification at birth is not common practice and is only seen in certain cultures and regions where genders and sexes outside of the male and female are recognized.[1]

    The designation of "X" is also seen among non-binary people who have changed their legal gender. The term may be used by people who do not want to acknowledge their assigned sex at birth or have decided to forego the AFAB/AMAB language and only identify as X as a non-binary sex identity, such as in X-gender.

    It is most commonly designated with an "X", but is sometimes used interchangeably with AIAB, standing for either assigned indeterminate at birth or assigned intersex at birth.

    It is similar to and in some cases may overlap with unassigned at birth.


    The term was coined before January 22, 2017, by an unknown person.[2]


    The AXAB flag was designed by Arco-Pluris on the Tumblr account Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags on October 9, 2020.[3] The flag was requested by Tumblr user Variant-Archive for isogender, utrinque, or cisgender AXAB people.[4] The flag has no known meaning.

    An alternate flag was created by Tumblr user plurgai on February 19, 2021. It has no known meaning.[5]

    The AXAB trans flag was designed by Mod Fy on Tumblr account Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags on January 16, 2018.[1] The flag has no known meaning, but it is implied that the flag is inspired by the transgender flag.


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