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    The genderfluid lesbian flag by Gfluidbians.
    The genderfluid lesbian flag by Lorenzo.
    The genderfluid lesbian flag by Bulldykebutch (version 1).
    The genderfluid lesbian flag by Bulldykebutch (updated version).

    Genderfluid lesbian refers to a genderfluid individual who also identifies as a lesbian. Typically, their gender is female or woman-aligned with their gender being infrequently or never male or male-aligned. A genderfluid individual may also refer to themself as such while their gender is abinary and they are attracted to women or women-aligned non-binary.

    Genderfluid lesbians fall under the non-binary lesbian umbrella, though they may identify exclusively as one or the other.

    A genderfluid lesbian may instead refer to themself as aurorasexual or auroraromantic.


    The term "genderfluid lesbian" is a combination of the aforementioned terms. Though the history of genderfluid lesbians is not concrete and may overlap heavily with the history of non-binary lesbians as a whole, the term itself has seen resurgence in online spaces such as Tumblr and Reddit, where discussion of less common overlapping identities has become increasingly commonplace.

    On August 7th, 2018, genderfluid actress Ruby Rose faced criticism for identifying as a genderfluid lesbian upon being cast as the titular character of Arrowverse crossover Batwoman. In a June 5th, 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rose addressed the backlash and suggested that an alternate term for wlw that is more accommodating of genderfluidity may be in order.[1][2]

    An informational carrd about genderfluid lesbians was made public on August 29th, 2020, on the Gfluidbians Twitter account.[3] The carrd defines a genderfluid lesbian as, "a lesbian who also identifies as genderfluid. Meaning: their gender identity fluctuates, and their sexuality is women-oriented."[4]


    One of the earliest online iterations of the genderfluid lesbian flag was created by Tumblr user Lorenzo (aka. sleepy-sunnys) and posted to his blog Pride is Every Month on May 13, 2018.[5]

    Another genderfluid lesbian flag was created by Tumblr user Bulldykebutch that same year, and was posted to the now-unused blog Lesbiflag on June 8th, 2018.[6] An updated version of this flag with the stripe meanings was posted by the same user on June 21st, 2020.[7] The meaning of the stripes for the updated version of the flag are as follows: Red for trans lesbians, magenta for fluidity, pink for femme lesbians, off-white for multiple genders, purple for butch lesbians, blue for gender non-conformity, and dark blue for lack of gender.

    A genderfluid lesbian flag using a different color palette was created by Twitter user Gfluidbians and posted on August 26th, 2020.[8] Meanings for this flag's stripes were also included, and are as follows: Dark red to encompass all lesbian relationships, cherry red for femininity, light pink for love of oneself and others, off-white for absence/partial absence of gender, yellow for independence from the binary, dark rose gold for fluidity, and indigo for masculinity.[9]

    Occasionally a half-lesbian, half-genderfluid flag may be used in place of the unique genderfluid lesbian flags; similarly, a genderfluid flag may contain a lesbian-flag heart in the middle or vice versa (not unlike many flags for romantic orientation).

    Other proposed genderfluid lesbian flags include those posted by Tumblr users cookieloverdeluxe[10], mimikyufriend[11], pride-flag-proud[12], and Reddit user WrongComparison[13].


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