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    The genderflir flag.
    An alternate genderflir flag.
    Another alternate genderflir flag.
    Genderflir (pronounced gen-der-fleer), or genderfloa (gen-der-flow-ar), refers to an individual that describes themselves as genderfluid/genderfluix (or an otherwise alternating identity) but is mostly female, in some way. This is different from girlflux or genderflux in general, as genderflir individuals can (or typically) experience other genders that are not necessarily feminine or woman-aligned (this includes masculine genders).

    It may be that a genderflir individual is female most of the time, feels most comfortable while female (for whatever reason), or the experience of femininity as an identity is more intense than others they may encompass.

    The male/masculine counterpart is genderfloy.


    The term was coined by an anonymous FANDOM user on July 9, 2021.


    The flag was designed by a user who wishes to remain anonymous. It is a flag inspired by the color of the femininity/NB flag that focuses on representing femininity. The yellow stripes represent non-binary genders of any sort, or aporagenders. Dark pink represents womanhood, or the part of one's identity that is mostly female. The peach, a mixture of pink and yellow, represents feeling partially female, or the stage in which one is fluctuating to/from female. The white in the middle represents 'other' (any gender one might also experience).


    The "ir," taken from the word “girl,” is merged with "genderfluix" to create genderflir.

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