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    An alternative girlflux flag.
    The original girlflux flag.
    An alternative girlflux flag.
    An alternative girlflux flag by starrbar.
    An alternate girlflux flag by RoseWatera.
    An alternate girlflux flag by Reign of the breadsticcs.
    The moon cycle girlflux flag.
    Girlflux flag by IMakeFlags

    Girlflux, also called femaleflux or womanflux, is a gender under the genderflux umbrella that describes someone whose female gender fluctuates in intensity. This typically involves feeling strongly feminine sometimes and weakly feminine at other times.

    Girlflux individuals can fluctuate from feeling completely without gender or agender to completely feminine or female. Between those extremes, one may feel slightly feminine or librafeminine to half feminine or demigirl to mostly feminine or paragirl or any other amount of femininity. Some individuals may move smoothly between intensities while others may quickly jump between intensities. Girlflux individuals may encompass genders such as paragirl, demigirl, librafeminine, juxera, gxrl, binary female, and many other feminine genders. A girflux individual may also experience non-feminine genders, but that is not necessarily related to their girlflux identity.

    History and Flag

    The terms boyflux and girlflux were coined by Tumblr user kitsuneshay on August 19, 2015, as a way to describe their own identity.[1] The original girlflux flag was also created by kitsuneshay.

    On the original girlflux flag, the three large stripes of pink represent varying levels of femininity. The smaller blue stripe represents male and masculine genders, purple genders between male and female, green genders outside of the binary, white absence of gender like agender, and grey unknown or unnamed genders.

    An alternate girlflux flag emerged sometime between September 2015 and July 2016.[2] The varying colors of pink and red represent the fluctuating intensity of the female identity, and the tan stripe in the middle represents agender or a lack of gender.

    Another alternate girlflux flag was created by Tumblr user starrbar on October 1, 2017.[3] The gray stripe represents agender, and the yellow stripe represents non-binary identities. The colors of the flag are brighter than its demigirlflux counterpart because girlflux individuals are completely female in their identity as girlflux.

    The New Flag and Alternates

    The new girlflux flag was created by Tumblr user sir-beingmyself on October 23, 2020.[4] The black stripes represent a lack of gender, the white stripes not conforming, the gray stripes not committing to only one gendered experience, the light pink stripes all levels of femininity between agender and female, and the dark pink stripe full femininity.

    On November 27, 2020, FANDOM user RoseWatera created an alternate girlflux flag based on sir-beingmyself's flag. On March 9, 2021, FANDOM user Reign of the breadsticcs created another alternate flag.

    The alternate moon cycle girlflux flag was created on March 2, 2021 by FANDOM user Milky jirin aeris. The shades of pink represent the shifting of intensity in femininity, the white stripe xenic and outherine genders, the yellow stripe neutral aligned genders, the lavender stripe masculine-aligned genders, and the black stripe agenders. The moon cycle in the middle symbolizes change or shifts in intensity.

    Another alternate flag was uploaded by FANDOM user IMakeFlags on August 6, 2021.