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    Non-quaternary (non-quadrinary, non-quadnary, nonquadrinary, nonquadnary, or nonquaternary) is an abinary gender with an alignment or an outherine identity referring to someone who does not fit into the idea of being 100% male, female, both, or neither. This may or may not include variations between those four gender identities. This may include:

    1. Someone who identifies as a bxy, a gxrl, or any other identity in which one is both genderless and a binary gender.
    2. Someone who is aporagender or maverique, or otherwise abinary allogender/comgender.
    3. Someone who is xenic and feels no need to label their identity further.
    4. Someone who is gendervast and cannot describe themselves with a gender quaternary.
    5. Someone who possesses more than four anthrogender identities.
    6. Someone's whose culture recognizes more than four gender identities.
    7. Someone's whose culture recognizes four gender identities, but they feel disconnected from all of them.


    Non-quaternary was coined along with non-trinary synonymously on March 16, 2018 by Tumblr user Arco-Pluris.[1][2][3][4]

    Non-quaternary was recoined by user Double-bi, also known as Jacinto, on April 26, 2021.

    Gender Quaternary

    An example of a gender spectrum with 4 distinct identities.
    Another example of a gender spectrum with 4 main identities.

    The gender quaternary (quadnary or quadrinary) is an idea (not as prevalent as the gender trinary, and neither are as prevalent as the gender binary), that suggests four distinct gender identities that either should or do play a role in society. In the modern western world, these are often male, female, genderfluid/bigender, and agender/neutrois.

    In modern portrayals of the gender spectrum, a gender quaternary is often portrayed, providing four main identities, but may show variation between.

    In the English language, there are four distinct types of gendered nouns with associated pronouns, despite the fact that there may not be four recognized genders in society. These are masculine (he/him), feminine (she/her), common (they/them), and neuter (it/its). Because of this, neopronoun users may be considered non-quaternary.

    However, there have been cultures in the past that recognized a gender quaternary in society and culture, such as some Diné Native American people, which recognized four parts in the gender spectrum - masculine male, feminine female, feminine male, and masculine female. The latter two were referred to as the two kinds of Nádleehi, which is often considered a Two Spirit identity.


    Non-quaternary is based off of non-binary and non-trinary.[5] Aquaternary (aquadnary or aquadrinary) is based on atrinary and abinary.


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