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    The gastrogender flag.
    The foodic/genderfood flag.

    Gastrogender, also known as gastrongender,[1] foodgender, genderfood or foodic, is a subtype of aesthetigenders that is described as being like, sharing the qualities of, or being related to a specific flavor, combination of flavors, or type of food or drink. It is mostly linked to the flavor, but can also be linked to texture, appearance, or the feeling that a flavor/food/drink evokes.


    Related terms


    Gastrogender was first coined by Tumblr troll blog jhendurs October 1, 2015 and meant "a fluid gender experience that is dependent/influenced on an individual’s eating habits". Gastrogender in it's current definition was coined by Tumblr user mogai-watch in May 2018 for categorization purposes on the Mogaipedia (an anti-mogai website).

    Foodic or genderfood was coined as an alternative to gastrogender by Tumblr user genderheaven on March 16th, 2021.[4]

    Flag and symbols

    The flag was created on October 6th, 2019 by Tumblr user mogai-moth.

    The foodic/genderfood flag was created by genderheaven and was given the following symbolism: "light green is for crops, yellow is for xenicness and likening your gender to something unrelated to the gender binary, dark green is for plants that produce food, red (#C61618) is for meat, and brown (#6B3D0E) is for dirt, wheat, and the browning of cooked food.The symbol in the middle is the symbol of main-belt asteroid 26 Rroserpina. It’s symbol is modeled after a pomegranate, which seems fitting, and it’s similar to the Iris symbol used in the xenogender flag."


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