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    The chocogender flag
    The chocoyic flag

    Chocolategender, also known as Chocogender or Chocoyic/Chocyic, is a xenic gastrogender which is related to chocolate or every food product made of chocolate. It is described as being somewhat sweet, comforting, and tasty. It can also be an aesthetigender, with the aesthetic of chocolate, brown, melty, crunchy and/or sweet. It is generally an umbrella term that can include all the variations of chocolate, as:

    • Darkchocogender (dark chocolate, feels bitter, earthy, toasty)
    • Milkchocogender (milk chocolate, feels mildly sweet)
    • Whitechocogender (white chocolate, feels sweet, tangy)
    • Blondechocogender (blonde chocolate, feels sweet with caramel tone)
    • Rubychocogender (ruby chocolate, feels sweet, acidic)
    • Lindtchocogender: ( a gender related to lindt chocolate, feels creamy,soft, sweet
    • Easterchocogender: (a gender related to Easter chocolate, eggs, Chocolate bunnies etc, feels happy, cheerful, festive, sweet.


    Chocoyic was coined by Tumblr user Hawaiiaine on November 28, 2018.[1]

    Chocolategender was first used by Tumblr user toospoopyformyshirt on October 30, 2020, likely as satire,[2] but has since been used as a genuine identity.


    The chocolategender flag was designed and uploaded to this page by FANDOM user Ubuzki on January 18, 2021.[3] The flag's colors represent each of the variations which is symbolized by one stripe. The chocogender variations are listed in the order of the flag stripes, from top to bottom.

    The chocoyic flag was designed by nebularomantic on November 29, 2018.[4] The flag's color meanings are currently unknown.

    The terms Lindtchocogender and Easterchocogender were coined separately by FANDOM user Unicornian on April 3rd-4th, 2021.


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