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    MintGender flag
    Alternate mintgender flag by trendsmygender

    Mintgender is a xenogender related to mint-flavoured food/drink. It can also be connected to the scent, look, and/or taste of mint.

    Mintgender can also be described as a gender that feels fresh and cold.

    Alternatively, mintgender can be a subset of greengender connected to the color mint. One who is mintgender might feel as though their gender is validated by the color mint, or as though their gender is best described as the color mint.


    Mintgender was originally coined by deactivated/relabeled Tumblr user trendsmygender on December 31, 2019.[1]


    The order is: Light Green, Aqua, Mint, White, Mint, Aqua, Light Green. The outer stripes of this flag are a light green, the next ones respectfully are a lighter aqua shade. This flag has a white stripe in the middle, mint colored stripes on either side.
    A lighter striped mintgender flag by B0YMEETSBOO

    The first flag was designed by Bean19783 on Feburary 21, 2021. The top shade of green represents the taste/smell/look of mint, the bottom shade of green represents mint-related intems and the white represents the connection of one's gender to mint.

    The second flag was designed by trendsmygender at the same time of coining.[1] The color meanings are currently unknown.

    The third flag, designed by Twitter user B0YMEETSBOO, was made on July 12, 2020. The first three stripes represent the taste, color, and love of mint respectfully. The middle stripe represents neurodivergence. The next two stripes represent a comfort and connection to mint, and the last stripe encasing all gender identities.[2]


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