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    The five striped floric flag.
    Alternative floric flag by thepokedexisgay.

    Floric is an orientation characterized by being a non-woman attracted to or desiring/having relationships with other non-women. This attraction does not have to be exclusive. It includes gay men, other mlm, and other nblm, nblnb and mlnb identities. It includes non-binary individuals of any alignment as long as they identify as a non-woman to some degree.

    It can be used as a synonym for “gay men” though this does not fully encapsulate the nature of this identity. It can be used as a specific identity or as an umbrella term for any non-women who prioritize their attraction to non-women.

    It is similar to the turian (mlm/nblm), vincian (mlm) and achillean (male-aligned loving male-aligned). It's non-male counterpart is faunic.


    Just as lesbian is named after Lesbos, birthplace of Sappho, Floric is named after Florence, birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci, who is the namesake of vincian.

    Use across History

    Floric was coined on July 31, 2019 by variant-archive on Tumblr.[1]


    The flag was coined on July 31, 2019 by variant-archive on Tumblr. It was inspired by the orange and pink lesbian flag. The colors represent the following: Jade green represents peace and serenity. Spring green represents community and support. Aquamarine represents independence and freedom. White represents non-cis, non-perisex, and gender non-conforming florics. Moonstone represents art and magic (from the rainbow flag). Verdigris represents love and trust. Lapis represents attraction and intimacy.

    An alternate flag was created by thepokedexisgay on Tumblr on August 29th, 2020. Its colors were derived from hyacinths as a nod to the myth of Hyacinth/Hyakinthos and Apollo. However, aside from the white stripe representing non-cis, non-perisex, and gender non-conforming florics, the stripes lack meanings and have been left to interpretation.[2]