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    Turian (also known as Veldian) is a term to describe gay men, along with any gay non-binary individual who wish to be included under the label. It is a fully inclusive label that any gay man, or gay nonbinary individual, can use.[1] Some may describe turian as "queer attraction to men", similarly to how lesbian is defined, but there are many ways to describe its attraction. Subsets of this term include lavenian.

    The WLW and NBLW equivalent to turian is lesbian. Similarly to lesbian, while turian often refers to exclusive attraction, it does not necessarily have to be. Some may identify as m-spec turian, or solian. Or specify exclusivity, using violaen.


    The turian flag was made by Tumblr user kenochoric on October 4, 2020.[2] The terms turian, veldian, and lavenian were made later, on November 13, 2020[3]. The stripe meanings are as follows: Red/pink represents expression and identity. Pale yellow represents history, solidarity, and accepting one another. Green represents the community, and the diversity within it. Blue represents experiences with masculinity. Dark purple represents power, pride, and independence.


    Turian comes from Alan Turing, an English mathematician, computer scientist, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher, and theoretical biologist known for breaking the enigma code. Despite these accomplishments, for much of history he was not full recognized due to homophobia and was prosecuted not long after the war ended. Despite this, his accomplishments still affect our world today, and things such as the turing test and Alan Turing laws are based off of him.

    Veldian is an alternative term for those who prefer not to use labels that include names and comes from the word veld or veldt, a large area of grassland from southern Africa. Populated with flowers and gets high amounts of sunlight. Flowers, namely carnations, as well as the sun, are often associated with masculinity and/or homosexuality. This term can be used interchangeably with turian.


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