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    Encephalaroace flag

    Encephalaroace, or encie aroace, is a term for one who is both encephalosexual and encephaloromantic. This is an a-spec identity in which one does not experience sexual or romantic attraction until an intellectual bond is formed, or until one experiences mental attraction. An intellectual bond is related to sharing of wisdom, knowledge, hobbies, aspirations, and interests. One can only experience sexual/romantic attraction to those whom they intellectually bond with and/or experience mental attraction to. However, this does not mean one will be sexually/romantically attracted to everyone they intellectually bond with/experience mental attraction to. It just opens it up as a possibility.

    This is not "sexual/romantic attraction to smart individuals," nor is it a sexual/romantic orientation which one can use to gatekeep intelligence. It is only to be used in the context of mental attraction and close intellectual bonds. For example, one who loves music, or knowledge relating to it, may experience attraction to those that they can talk about music with.


    Encephalaroace was coined by an anonymous wiki user on October 22, 2020. It is a combination of the terms encephalosexual, encephaloromantic, and aroace. The terms encephalosexual and encephaloromantic were coined because the only similar existing labels were sapiosexual/sapioromantic, which are classist, ableist, problematic, and controversial.

    Rather than focusing on things like IQ or academic intelligence, encephalosexuality/encephaloromance is based on sharing of interests, knowledge, and other similar things one can bond over intellectually.


    Encephal- means "relating to the brain." Since intellectual bonds over hobbies, interest, knowledge, etc. are related to the brain/mind, encephalaroace worked as an appropriate label.

    Encie was coined on October 23, 2020. It has no meaning, aside from being a shortened version of encephal-. It's meant to be easier to say and remember.


    The encephalaroace flag was created by an anonymous wiki user on October 22, 2020. Orange represents creativity. White represents wisdom and spirituality. Blue represents mental attraction and intellectual bonding. Blue represents being both ace-spec and aro-spec. The shade of blue used is directly in between the purple from the encephalosexual flag and the green from the encephaloromantic flag.

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