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    The Eeveelutiogender System is a gender system for people in the non-binary or kingender spectrums. People who use this gender system are connected with the Eeveelutions from Pokémon. They may relate to them, or just want to incorporate them into their gender.


    • Eeveean Flag
      Eeveean: A gender that feels small and cute, very simplistic and pure, relating to the Pokémon Eevee.
    • Vaporean Flag
      Vaporean: A gender that feels playful and fluid, often changing form from solid to liquid, relating to the Pokémon Vaporeon.
    • Joltean Flag
      Joltean: A gender that feels as though it builds up and strengthens overtime, very defensive and sharp but can shift with mood, relating to the Pokémon Jolteon.
    • Flarean Flag
      Flarean: A gender that feels passionate and angry, loud and boisterous like a flame, that relates to the Pokémon Flareon.
    • Espean Flag
      Espean: A gender that feels kind and sweet in a parental way, wise and mysterious, relating to the Pokémon Espeon.
    • Umbrean Flag
      Umbrean: A gender that feels dark and mysterious, capable and a bit agressive, relating to the Pokémon Umbreon.
    • Leafean Flag
      Leafean: A gender that feels quiet, sweet and kind. very involved with nature, like clear streams and birds singing, relating to the Pokémon Leafeon.
    • Glacean Flag
      Glacean: A gender that feels solid and sharp, like an icicle, very set and determined, relating to the pokemon Glaceon.
    • Sylvean Flag
      Sylvean: A gender that feels flowing and mysterious, strange and not quite of this world, very friendly and mischievous, relating to the Pokémon Sylveon.
    • Eeveelutiofluid: A fluid gender when one is fluid between identifying with more than two identities of the Eeveelutions.


    The demigender forms of the Eevelutiogenders replaces the "-ean" suffix with "-ion":

    • Eevion: A partial connection to Eeveean.
    • Vaporion: A partial connection to Vaporean.
    • Joltion: A partial connection to Joltean.
    • Flarion: A partial connection to Flarean.
    • Espion: A partial connection to Espean.
    • Umbrion: A partial connection to Umbrean.
    • Leafion: A partial connection to Leafean.
    • Glacion: A partial connection to Glacean.
    • Sylvion: A partial connection to Sylvean.


    Combinations are formed by taking parts of each component gender and combining them, and ending with the suffix "-ean". Some examples:

    • Umbreeveean: Combination of Umbrean and Eeveean
    • Flareeveean: Combination of Flarean and Eeveean.
    • Leaflylvian: Combination of Leafean and Sylvean.
    • Espeporian: Combination of Espean and Vaporean.


    Discord user plutos orbit#6092 worked on many of the definitions. No other information is known about the creation of this system or its component genders, however FANDOM user NyxIsSus is cited on the Eeveelutiofluid page.

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