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    The deltagender flag.

    Deltagender is a gamegender and xenogender for people whose gender feels strongly connected to the game, Deltarune (including fan created works and AUs). This gender may or may not be a kingender depending on who is using it. Deltarune does not gender the protagonist at any point during the story, and this invokes feelings of comfort, safety, or gender euphoria for a lot of people.

    This term may be used by anybody who finds it useful, but was coined with a few specific groups in mind, including:

    • Neurodivergent people with a hyperfixation/special interest in Deltarune
    • Deltarune fictives
    • Deltarune fictionkin

    Deltagender people may have any alignment, but due to the themes of the game, this gender may feel strongly linked to xeninity or monstrous qualities.

    The Undertale equivalent of this term is undergender. Deltagender can be a gender in itself, or it can be an umbrella term for more specific Deltarune related genders, such as character kingenders.


    Deltagender was coined by FANDOM user Comradesimba at the time of the second coining of Undergender.


    The deltagender flag consists of seven stripes based on the colour schemes of the main characters. The mauve and pastel pink represent Susie, the green and magenta represent Ralsei, the cyan and navy blue represent Kris, and the white can be for Lancer or for the explicit inclusion of non-binary people.

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