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    Cartosexual is a fictosexuality in which one is exclusive or near-exclusively attracted to cartoon or comic characters. One who is cartosexual find that they are more commonly attracted to cartoon and/or comic characters more than real individuals. It coresponds with being a-spec, and is considered an a-spec identity.

    Cartosexual flag
    Alternate cartosexual flag (cartoon version.)
    Alternate cartosexual flag (comic version.)


    The term cartosexual was coined by Anderson from the FANDOM account Cryptocrew, November 29th, 2020 in order to describe the experiences of those who don’t necessarily fit into animatesexual.


    The cartosexual and cartoromantic flag was created by user rosewatera on November 29th, 2020. Black represents TV screens; Purple represents fiction and non-reality, and red represents sexual attraction. Pink is for romantic attraction.

    The alternate cartosexual and cartoromantic flags were coined by a user going by Artemis on January 24th of 2021.

    On the alternate cartosexual flags, red represents attraction, pink represents feminine characters, purple represents androgynous/neutral characters, blue represents masculine characters, turqoise represents alterhuman-like/kingender-like characters, yellow represents xenic-like characters, white represents fluid characters, black represents fiction, dark grey represents alternate worlds, and grey represents genderless/agender-like characters.

    The two designs represents TV/Cartoons and comics.

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