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    The Bisexual Panromantic flag
    Alternate flag
    Pisexual/Piamoric flag.
    The Bi-Pan flag
    An alternate Bi-Pan flag

    Bisexual Panromantic (also called Bi-Pan, Piamoric, or Pisexual) is a term for someone who identifies as bisexual and panromantic. This combination identity is when someone is sexually attracted to two or more genders, but is romantically attracted to anyone, regardless of gender. This term can be used by anyone who uses the split attraction model.


    The term pisexual was coined on November 6th, 2020 by fandom user HalloItsMe137. The name piamoric was suggested on November 6th, 2020.


    The original bisexual panromantic flag was created sometime before January 10, 2016. Possibly by KusattaAo on DeviantArt.[1] The flag has since been redesigned to be in a cleaner style by Pride-Flags on May 16, 2016.[2]

    The Bi-Pan or Bi/Pan flag are not specific to the bisexual panromantic identity (the flags are also applicable to pansexual biromantic). The Bi-Pan flag was uploaded to Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags on August 12, 2018.[3] The Bi/Pan combination flag is believed to have been designed by Queerascat sometime before September 22, 2016.[4]

    The pisexual/piamoric flag was made by a user going by Al/Ally on November 6th, 2020. It was made based off of the bisexual and panromantic flags.

    The alternate flag was designed by neopronouns on Tumblr on February 6, 2021, it is a combination of the current panromantic flag and the bisexual flag.[5]


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