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    Panromantic Flag
    The most common panromantic flag.
    Panromantic Flag
    An alternate panromantic flag.
    A proposed change to the flag, with a pink overlay to the colors for romance.

    Panromantic (often shortened to panro) is a romantic orientation describing an individual who experiences romantic attraction to individuals where gender identity is not a factor.

    Panromantic individuals may instead feel that their romantic attraction is influenced by other factors, such as presentation or personality. While panromantic individuals may have a preference for a certain gender identity, gender is not a factor in their attraction.

    Panromantic individuals may be described as being "gender blind."

    Since panromantic individuals experience attraction regardless of gender identity, they effectively experience attraction to all gender identities, which may cause confusion with omniromanticity.

    The sexual counterpart to panromantic is pansexual.

    Panromantic vs. Other Identities

    Panromanticity is often compared against other multiromantic-spectrum identities. In particular, it is frequently confused with omniromantic and biromantic as these terms may be used to describe attraction towards all gender identities.

    Some panromantic individuals may also identify with or use one or both of these terms, either on top of or instead of panromantic. The choice to use another term comes down to preference. Some individuals may prefer panromantic because it is more specific, while others may prefer terms like biromantic because they are more widely known.


    Omniromanticity describes attraction to all gender identities. Omniromantic individuals may feel attraction differently towards individuals based on the target's gender identity. This may manifest as experiencing attraction differently depending on the target's gender identity.

    Panromantic individuals do not view gender as a factor in their attraction and so would not experience the attraction differently based on the target's gender identity, although they may experience attraction differently based on other factors.


    Biromanticity describes attraction to two or more gender identities. Some biromantic individuals may be attracted to all genders. In the latter case, the difference between biromantic and panromantic is the same as between omniromantic and panromantic.


    The most common panromantic flag adapts the pansexual flag by including a large heart symbol in the center.

    The alternate panromantic flag's colors are blue, green, orange, and red. The blue represents the romantic attraction to binary men, while the red represents the romantic attraction to binary women. The orange represents romantic attraction to genders that are in-between the binary and outside of the binary. The green represents the romantic attraction to individuals who are genderless or gender-neutral.[1]


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