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    The Bigenderswap Flag

    Bigenderswap(also known as switchgender) is gender in the bigender system which one has two distinct genders that that they are fluid between. One who is bigenderswap does not experience any genders in between their genders nor are they both at once. Rather, one gender is abruptly swapped out for the other and vice versa. For example, one could be fluid between man and demigirl. One will never be in between these two genders, just one or the other, and these are the only two genders they can be.

    An individual can use the -swap suffix with other multigender labels(trigenderswap, quadgenderswap, etc).


    The term switchgender was created on on May 18, 2021, by FANDOM user Ariathatsme, who faked systemhood, manipulated users, was exclusionist, and was endophobic. However, the term itself is not inherently bad despite its harmful coiner and, although some may be hesitant using this term, it may be used in a reclaiming manner.

    Bigenderswap was created by Wire(FANDOM user CasualChaos) on October 4, 2021. It was originally made as an alternate term for switchgender due to the harmful individual who created the term switchgender. Wire, as a member of an endogenic system, felt uncomfortable using the term and then coined bigenderswap.[1]


    The Switchgender Flag(created by a harmful individual)

    The switchgender flag was created by Ariathatsme on the date of the coining. The blue of the flag represents fluidity, the green and red two distinct genders one may experience, the white the connection between the two genders experienced, and the yellow inclusivity across the entire gender spectrum.

    The bigenderswap flag was created by Wire on the day of the coining. The blue and red represent the different genders that one is fluid between. The black and white represent the fact that the genders are completely separate from each other as one is never both at once. The gray represents the swap between the two genders.

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