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    General bi gay flag
    Bi gay flag by neopronouns

    A bi gay or bi-oriented gay is someone who is both bisexual/biromantic/etc. and gay.

    This term can be used by men and others who use the split attraction model and are bisexual and homoromantic, homosexual biromantic or those who experience gay or bi tertiary attraction. They have sexual attraction to two or more genders but are only romantically attracted to their own/similar gender(s). They may find themselves sexually attracted to dissimilar genders, but could never picture themselves in a sexual relationship with them, putting more emphasis on their attraction to their own/similar genders, though this varies from person to person. Or they could be romantically attracted to any gender but only sexually attracted to the same/similar gender or are only willing to be with the same/similar gender(s) sexually.

    It can also be used by people who identify as both bisexual and gay, either due to changing attraction (such as abrosexuality), or due being part of a plural system, such as having a different sexuality when fronting, or being in a median system where one member somewhat experiences their headmate(s)' attraction(s).

    Additionally, the term can apply to individuals who are bisexual and prioritize attraction to or have a strong preference for their own/similar gender(s), or for people who are reclaiming the historical definition of gay alongside identifying as bisexual.

    This identity could be combined with any m-spec identity, i.e. ply gay, multi gay, pan gay, or omni gay. Bi gay may be used as an umbrella term for bi stellians (including bi lesbians/bi lunians and bi veldians/bi solians).


    The general bi gay flag was designed by Tumblr user bi-lesbian on January 26, 2021.[1]

    Another bi gay flag was designed by Tumblr user neopronouns on July 9, 2020.[2]

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