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    The bakagender flag
    The bakagender flag without Ryūko Matoi

    Bakagender is a xenogender where one feels as though their gender is related to feeling and/or being foolish, clumsy, and silly. A bakagender person will also experience a strong connection to anime and/or dating simulator games, and it could be considered a subset of animegender.

    This gender can also be an ironicgender or a memegender, or even considered to be reclaiming the term "baka" that anti-anime people use to mimic, mock or otherwise make fun of self-proclaimed otakus or weaboos. This gender may also be considered a subset of cutegender, due to it's playful nature.

    A "baka-" prefix can be added to any gender to indicate a bakagender version of that gender: such as bakagirl, bakaboy, and bakaenby.


    The term was coined by Discord user 🌲Evergreen System🌲#5615. The bakagender flag has four colors, pink for feminine-aligned bakagenders, purple for non-binary-aligned bakagenders, and blue for male-aligned genders. The gray lines in between stand for anyone who feels as though they don't fit inside of these categories, and are somewhere in between them, or completely outside of them. It also features an illustration by Twitter user @Peargor of Ryūko Matoi from the anime Kill la Kill.[1]

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