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    MOGAI wiki animegender community
    Flag created by user Noricani on November 28. of 2020.
    The animegender flag.

    Animegender is a xenogender in which someone feels an extremely strong connection to anime characters. It was made with neurodivergent individuals in mind to better define their gender experience, though it is not exclusive to them. It may also be used by individuals who are kin with an anime character. Animegender individuals can identify as another gender in addition to being animegender. Many animegender individuals are animatesexual and/or animateromantic, but not all.

    Animegender subsets

    Animegender individuals may identify more with a specific anime character and their aesthetics and qualities than with anime as a whole, and may use different specific animegender's to describe that experience as in example:


    Karmaic is a masculine xenogender based around the Assassination Classroom character, Karma Akabane. This could also be considered a kingender and an animegender. Karmaic is best described through Karma Akabane and may feel dominant, keen, calm, and violent. The term and flag were created and coined by FANDOM user Pissedoffmango on March 19th, 2021. There are two version of the Karmaic flag- the one with him, and the one without. The colors mean:

    Pink: Sharp-mindedness

    Light Red: Dominance and superiority

    Dark Red: Intensity, violence

    Blue: Masculinity, calmness

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