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    The auxiliary pronoun flag.

    Auxiliary pronouns, also known as alternate pronouns, are a pronoun set or sets that one likes less than their primary pronoun set(s), but still allows others to use to refer to oneself. Auxiliary pronouns are usually used by individuals who use neopronouns and serve as a back up option for individuals who cannot use their preferred pronouns- such as individuals whose first language is not English, individuals with learning disabilities, or individuals who otherwise may find it difficult to understand how to properly use an unfamiliar pronoun set. For example, someone whose preferred pronouns are xe/xem, however, they will allow individuals to use they/them if one has difficultly understanding how to properly use a new pronoun set, making they/them an auxiliary pronoun set. Individuals with emojiself pronouns will commonly use auxiliary pronouns when in real life.

    Additionally, some people using gender-neutral pronouns, such as they/them, may also use binary auxiliary pronouns, such as she/her or he/him, for any reason.


    It is unknown when the term was coined, however it has been used amongst the community since 2014.


    Alternate auxiliary pronouns flag by u/IWriteALot2

    The auxiliary pronouns flag was coined by a user going by Angel on November 12th, 2020. The black represents 'empty' pronouns that are considered 'genderless', the blue represents pronouns associated with masculinity, the purple represents pronouns associated with neutrality, the pink represents pronouns associated with femininity, dark yellow represents pronouns associated with kingenders, the light yellow represents pronouns associated with xenogenders, and the white represents any other pronouns/neopronouns.

    The alternate auxiliary pronouns flag was created by u/IWriteALot2 using the same colours. Any similarity to other flags (notably polyfluid) is purely coincidental.


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