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    The aurora lesbian flag by ferretwlw.

    Aurora lesbian refers to an all-inclusive lesbian, as well as the aurora lesbian flag. It is also called the all-inclusive lesbian flag. While it is usually used to refer to the flag, it can also be used as a descriptor for individuals, similar to lykoi lesbian. The aurora lesbian flag and label is inclusive of all lesbians, stating in the coining post that anybody who feels they fit the label may use it.

    The aurora lesbian flag is closely tied to the sky butch, sea femme,[1] and horizon futch[2] flags, and has inspired similar flags, such as lunian[3], enbian lesbian[4], a set of mspec lesbian flags[5], and veldian/turian, all of which are supposed to be similarly inclusive.


    The alternate aurora lesbian flag by kenochoric.

    The aurora lesbian flag was created by Tumblr user @ferretwlw on October 16th, 2020.[6] It was based off of the appearance of northern lights, which was why the term aurora lesbian was chosen. The stripe meanings are as follows: Dark blue is for the community, and solidarity with each other. This is for the current lesbian community, and the unification of everyone in it. Purple is for diversity in experiences and expression. This is not just for the trans, nonbinary, GNC, and/or mspec lesbians, but also for lesbians of every kind of expression and subculture. Butches, femmes, those who are neither, and everyone else who considers themselves a lesbian. Pink is for self acceptance and pride. Simply put, this is the lesbian pride stripe. I put it in the middle because it’s the “core” of the entire flag’s meaning. This is also for those who are still coming to terms with being a lesbian, questioning, in the closet, and so on. Yellow is for Lesbian history and culture. This stripe reflects back on our history and all the experiences people like us have had. It’s also for lesbian culture, and all the subcultures within it. Mint is for inclusivity, tolerance, and acceptance. The lesbian community welcomes others with open arms, and it is important to recognize that we come in all sorts of variations. We all helped build this community, and it’s important we show each other respect and tolerance.

    The alternate aurora lesbian flag was made by Tumblr user kenochoric on September 4th, 2021.[7] It has the same meanings as the original, but is meant to look more like the sunset lesbian flag.


    The aurora lesbian flag was created as an alternative to the popularly used lesbian flag (sunset lesbian). It was made to be all inclusive, meant for any lesbian who feels they fit the label with no exceptions. Since this point, labels such as veldian, lunian, and enbian lesbian have been created in an effort to be equally inclusive, or to showcase a more specific subgroup within lesbianism. The flags have since been put onto a popularly used bisexual lesbian Carrd due to the inclusion of mspec lesbians.[8]


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