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    The lykoi lesbian flag (with symbol)
    The lykoi lesbian flag (no symbol)
    The lykoi lesbian symbol

    Lykoi Lesbian is a term for inclusive lesbians. Lykoi lesbians hold the stance that m-spec, a-spec, transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, pronoun non-conforming, etc. lesbians are valid. Lykoi lesbians may be passively inclusive, or they may actively fight back against longsword lesbians and similar exclusionists.

    It is similar to lesbians of the longbow, but with less violent phrasing, using cats rather than weapons to symbolize acceptance and inclusivity. The lykoi symbolism is meant to be cute and cuddly, yet fierce and energetic. The cute and cuddly aspect represents acceptance, solidarity, open-mindedness, community, trust, and validation. The fierce and energetic aspect represents protection your fellow lesbians and fighting back against exclusionism.


    Lykoi lesbian was coined by an anonymous wiki user on May 31, 2021. This user, a lesbivincian butchwink, wanted their own term and flag for lesbians and sapphics who support and include lesbians with uncommon or complex definitions of lesbianhood, as well as those who experience uncommon and complex versions of lesbianhood themselves.


    The lykoi lesbian flag design was created by the same anonymous wiki user on May 31, 2021. The color associations are as follows: Raspberry represents gender non-conforming and pronoun non-conforming lesbians, such as he/him and they/them lesbians, as well as complex or non-normative connections to womanhood. Pink represents sapphic love, sex, attraction, and relationships. Yellow represents community and inclusion. White represents transgender, non-binary, and intersex lesbians. Blue represents lesbian history, culture, and solidarity with the rest of the LGBTQ+ community. Purple represents m-spec lesbians. Dark purple represents a-spec lesbians. The flag cannot be used by longsword lesbians, exclusionists, TERFs, "MAPs," "zoosexuals," "necrosexuals," bigots of any sort (sexists, racists, ableists, etc.), or anyone who engages in ABDL.

    The next day, June 1, 2021, the lykoi lesbian symbol was designed, once again by this anonymous wiki user. The symbol is a lykoi with a soft expression and heart eyebrows markings.

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