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    The he/him lesbian flag.
    An alternative, 5-stripe variant of the he/him lesbian.
    The old he/him lesbian flag.
    An alternative, five-striped version of the old he/him lesbian flag.
    An alternate he/him lesbian flag design.

    he/him lesbian or hesbian refers to a lesbian who uses he/him pronouns. It is a more specific form of pronoun non-conformity and crosspronoun usage. A he/him lesbian does not necessarily identify as male, because pronouns do not always equal gender, but instead are another part of gender expression similar to one's clothes or behavior.

    In the same way some non-binary individuals are more comfortable using pronouns other than they/them, some binary individuals may feel more comfortable using pronouns other than the one's typically associated with their gender. Feeling a disconnect from womanhood is a common experience among lesbians, despite typically identifying as women through their sapphic attraction. Similarly to how some lesbians might go by masculine names or present as a butch to express this disconnect a lesbian may also refer to themself by he/him to express a disconnect from their gender.

    Neopronoun gays, neopronoun lesbians, she/her gays, they/them lesbians, it/its lesbians, it/its gay and they/them gay identities exist through the same principle.


    The he/him lesbian flag was designed by Tumblr user Wuvsbian on May 20, 2018.[1] The rainbow was used to encompass all the different ways he/him lesbians express themselves through sexual and gender identity. The colors were chosen to try to represent butch lesbians, femme lesbians, those who don't identify as either, as well as non-binary lesbians. However, many he/him lesbians no longer resonate with this flag, as the creator no longer identifies as a lesbian nor uses he/him pronouns, as well as a lack of adequate meaning in regards to the stripes of the flags.

    A new, more commonly used he/him lesbian flag was created by Twitter user laviatte on December 22, 2021 on a lesbian flag archive account under the name of lesflags.[2] The meanings of the flag represent unique gender expression, disconnection to womanhood, connections to masculinity, he/him lesbians under the transgender and non-binary umbrella, gender non-conformity, comfort in using he/him pronouns, and attraction to non-men. On July 12, 2022, a simplified 5-stripe version of this flag was created.[3]


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