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    Auingender is an umbrella term for all genders that are autonomous in nature (AUIN). Autonomy refers to the quality of being self-determining, and thus, standing independent from any sort of influence or other type of governance. It can also be though of as a sense of independence or freedom regarding one’s action, wills or desires.[1]

    Auingender refer to genders that are self-defined and stand independent from other concepts of gender, such as the gender binary and sometimes, non-binary. An individual with an autonomous gender may describe themselves as self-defined, liberated, emancipated or free from gender, it’s roles, it’s categorization and/or expression. Autonomous qualities are entirely personal and intimate, meaning that autonomy is expressed and experienced differently from individual to individual.  It is a gender that, to some degree, is simply the result of one acting freely in terms of their identity, expression, etc. Some individuals with autonomous gender elements may say that their gender simply just is, and that they are best described as themselves.


    The concept of auingender was coined by Gender-Resource in 2020.[2] However, specific examples of auingenders such a maverique and egogender have existed before this.


    The opposite of autonominity is heteronominity. Heteronomy describes being “subject to something else”, or not being self-determining. A heteronomous gender refers to any gender that is neither self-defined nor governed by the owner. This outside influence can refer to any number of things, ranging from circumstance to social constructs.[3]


    Examples of some specific auingenders are:

    • Abinique: An abinary, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and abinary-in-nature (ABIN).[4]
    • Aginique or glinique: An autonomous genderlessness. An identity that is simultaneously autonomous and agender-in-nature (AGIN).[5]
    • Ambiguique: An autonomous yet ambiguous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and ambiguous-in-nature (AMIN).[4]
    • Ambitrique or ambique: An ambitrois, autonomous gender.[4]
    • Angique, androgynique, or gynandrique: An androgynous, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and androgynous-in-nature (LIN).[6]
    • Aporique or aporaique: An autonomous aporagender/aiagender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and aporine-in-nature (AIN).[7]
    • Autonomique: A purely autonomous gender defined by self-governance, a sense of personal freedom in one’s identity and independence from gendered concepts without being genderless, xenic, or maverique.[8]
    • Emoique: a gender that is tied to one’s emotions but is still autonomous.[9][10]
    • Epicenique: An epicene, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and epicene-in-nature (EPIN).
    • Equilibrique: An equilibritrois, autonomous gender.[4][11]
    • Feminique or femique: A feminine, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and feminine-in-nature (FIN).[12][13]
    • Generique or genderique: A generic, nonspecified yet autonomous gender.[4][14]
    • Luxique: an autonomous gender that feels or behaves like light. It is an aporagender with outherine qualities (like being light-like), and can be paralleled with xenogenders pertaining to light, despite not being a xenogender itself.[15]
    • Masculinique or masculique: A masculine, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and masculine-in-nature (MIN).[16]
    • Midabinique: A midabinary, autonomous gender.[4]
    • Midbinique: A midbinary autonomous gender.[4]
    • Midique: An autonomous midgender.
    • Neutrique: A neutral, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and neutral-in-nature (NIN).[17][18]
    • Negatrique: A negatrois, autonomous gender.[4]
    • Neutrangique: A neutrangi, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and neutrangi-in-nature.[4]
    • Nullique: A nulltrois, null yet autonomous gender.[4]
    • Outherinique, outhrinique, othrinique, otherinique, otherique, othrique, outhrique, or outherique: An outherine, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and otherine-in-nature (OIN).
    • Panautonomnique: Experiencing all autonomous genders that are accesible to your culture and experience. Also called Panauingender.[4]
    • Panique: A pangender, autonomous gender; experiencing all genders accessible to your culture and experience while being simultaneously autonomous-in-nature.[4]
    • Péraique or peraique: A péra, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously péra and autonomous.[4]
    • Positrique: A positrois, autonomous gender.[4]
    • Separsique: An auingender, experienced by people who have scrutinized and deconstructed their gender so thoroughly that they can no longer put it back together.[19]
    • Voidique: a gender that is simultaneously void and autonomous.[10]
    • Uinique: A undefined, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and unquantifiable-in-nature (UIN).[4]
    • Xenique: A xenine, autonomous gender. A gender that is simultaneously autonomous and xenic-in-nature (XIN).[20]


    The flag was made by Reddit user u/hiitsyaz.[21]


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