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    Original Anesian flag

    Anesian is a term which describes someone who deep down knows their exact identity labels, but often feels more comfortable using a different, usually more broad, label. This could be done for various reasons, such as wanting to avoid confusion, avoid being questioned, not being comfortable with getting specific and so on.

    The purpose of the anesian term is to:

    • be inclusive to those who identify with multiple anesi- labels at the same time or feel like anesisexual/anesigender don't fit. Another example includes people who identify with both of these terms but don't want to specify or constantly mention both terms.
    • be seen as an alternative to personasexual/personagender and similar labels.
    • be a form of a catch-all for not wanting to specify any aspect of one's identity without getting too specific (e.g. anesiromantic individuals might want to use this term, but avoid specifying the 'romantic' part).

    This doesn't mean that someone cannot use the above labels alongside this one; anesian can be used freely with any other term.

    Any form of attraction, identities on the polyamorous spectrum, those who use multiple pronouns and others fall under this label.

    Examples of usage:


    Alternative Anesian flag; features harsher colours

    Original meanings:

    • Red stripe - sexual attraction
    • Pink stripe - romantic attraction
    • Orange stripe - tertiary attraction
    • White stripe - pronouns, polyamoury, gender(s) and others who feel like this term describes them
    • Green stripe - aromantic/arospec people
    • Blue stripe - anattractional/aspec people
    • Purple stripe - asexual/acespec people

    This flag was made by the creator of this label.[1]


    The prefix anesi-[2] is derived from the Greek word άνεση (ánesi) which stands for comfort. The -an suffix serves to be inclusive towards any and all identities.


    Anesian was coined on 28/03/2022[3]. It was initially coined on the LGBTA+ Wiki Central Discord server by Roach before being published here by the same person.


    Flag discussion
    Coining of the label
    1. Coining of the label; image 1
    2. https://web.archive.org/web/https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ἄνεσις
    3. Coining of the label; image 2
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