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    The aattraction flag.
    A flag with six stripes. The colors are purple, green, yellow-orange, white, grey, and black.
    The alternative aattraction flag.
    An Alternate Anattraction Flag
    Aattraction or anatraction is the combination term of asexual, aromantic, and asensual. Aattraction individuals feel little to no sexual, romantic, and sensual attraction.

    Similar combination terms include triple bi and pan-pan-pan.

    History and Flag

    The term and flag were created on December 9, 2020, by FANDOM user Starfruit110. The yellow, purple and green of the flag represent sensual, sexual, and romantic attraction respectively, and black, white, and grey represent a lack of attraction.

    The alternate aattraction flag was created by Tumblr user gildedaroace on May 4, 2021.[1]

    An alternate flag was designed by FANDOM user Unfunny person420. the black stripes represent lack of all sorts of attraction, dark blue represents the aroace spectrum, while the pink stripe represents lack of all sorts of attraction that is neither romantic nor sexual (ie. physical attraction, emotional attraction, tertiary attraction). the white stripes represent the anattractional spectrum, the gray stripe represents grey anattractional identities on the spectrum, and the light blue stripe represents nonamorous anattractional people.


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