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    The asensual flag.

    Asensual is an identity on the asensual spectrum defined by a lack of sensual attraction. Asensual experiences may also include: not wanting to touch others and/or be touched by others, not being interested in sensual activities, or being repulsed by touch. Sensual attraction is defined as the desire to have nonsexual forms of touch such as cuddling, kissing, or massage with another person in particular. For allosensual people, sensual attraction is involuntary, and possibly even occurs when someone doesn't know the other person (though one might not act on it). Asensual people do not have this innate desire to have sensual touch with any specific person. They may also feel disconnected from the idea of engaging in sensual activity.

    Some asensuals do engage in sensual activities. This could be for any reason, such as meeting their own sensory needs or those of a partner.

    Being asensual does not mean that one is unable to experience sexual attraction or enjoy sexual activity. An asensual person can have any sexual orientation. Asensuals who are repulsed by or indifferent to sensual (nonsexual) touch may greatly enjoy sexual touch. Asensuals can also have any romantic orientation and tertiary attractions.

    How asensuals feel about touch and sensual activities can vary. Some asensuals may still have an innate need for sensual touch and other sensual experiences. They may meet these needs by using a weighted or heated blanket, cuddling with a stuffed animal or pet, or engaging in sensual activity with a friend or partner. Other asensuals lack a sensual drive, and some may be repulsed by touch or the concept of sensuality. Terms like touch-repulsed, touch-indifferent, touch-favorable, or touch-ambivalent can be used to describe these feelings.

    The term "asensual" can also be used as an umbrella term to describe someone on the asensual spectrum.


    The asensual flag was coined by DeviantArt user Pride-Flags on May 3, 2016.[1] It is based on the asexual and aromantic flags.


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