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    The asensual spectrum flag
    Asensual spectrum flag by crayonpuppy.x
    A recolored version of crayonpuppy.x's flag

    The asensual spectrum (or asensual umbrella) is a group of sensual identities that all fall under the a-spec umbrella term of asensual. People on the asensual spectrum may completely lack sensual attraction or feel it so little that they relate more to the asensual experience than to the allosensual experience. The common link between people on the asensual spectrum is that they don't feel the "standard" amount of sensual attraction or they don't feel it in the "standard" way that allosensual people do.

    People on the asensual spectrum can be referred to as "asen-spec" for short. Asen-spec people can have any variety of romantic or sexual orientations.

    Asen-Spec Identities

    Asen-Spec Microlabels

    For a more complete list, see the asensual spectrum category.

    Asen-Spec Terminology


    The asensual spectrum flag was created on March 5, 2019 by beyond-mogai-pride-flags on Tumblr.[1]