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    The amid flag.

    Amid, aymid, or acromid is an identity that describes someone that is on the aromantic spectrum and asexual spectrum, while still not being strictly aromantic or asexual. Someone who is fralloromantic and akoisexual (in a pansexual and panromantic way), for example, identifies as amid.

    The term can also be combined with any other orientation along with being used as a sole identity; In case one identifies with another term alongside amid, they do not need to have the same allosexual or alloromantic orientation to be amid. For example, the same individual above could call themselves a pan and panro amid.

    Amid individuals can feel any type of tertiary attraction, as long as it does not relate to being completely aromantic or asexual.[1]


    Amid was publicly coined November 21, 2019, and made in mind for individuals who felt it complicated to specify their whole identity, or limited in choosing to simplify their identity as either 'aroace' 'aro allo' 'allo ace,' or to do away with labelling their aspec identity entirely. Along it the terms acemid and aromid were coined, all with similar intentions.[2]

    Those who are on both the aro and ace spectrum but not strictly both aromantic and strictly asexual all fall under the mid label, which is the collective term for acemids, amids, and aromids.

    The amid flag is pictured to the right. It is an amalgamation of the aroace flag by aroaesflags[3]. In place of the orange and yellow are shades of grey. The term grey is used for those who find themselves in between a lack of and presence of attraction (greysexualgreyromantic). They also come in multiple shades to represent community and diversity.

    Aymid and acromid were introduced as alternative terms by an anonymous wiki user on April 8, 2021. This is done to prevent confusion between the identity and the word "amid," meaning "surrounded by; in the middle of."


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