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    The acemid, amid, and aromid flags.

    Mid is a catch-all term for those who are on both the aromantic spectrum and the asexual spectrum while not being strictly aromantic and strictly asexual.

    The term comes from the word middle, as in middleground or in the middle, describing how those who identify with it feel in between being aromantic/asexual and alloromantic/allosexual. It's the suffix used for the three identities under its umbrella:

    • Acemid, those who are strictly asexual but not strictly aromantic, while still being on the aro spectrum.
    • Amid, those who are on the asexual and aromantic spectrums, but are not strictly aro or strictly ace.
    • Aromid, those who are strictly aromantic but not strictly asexual, while still being on the ace spectrum.


    The flags are all amalgations of the aroace flag by aroaesflags​.[1] In place of the orange (community and union) and yellow (forms of love outside of sex and romance) are shades of green for aromantism in the aromid flag, and purple for asexuality in the acemid flag, the multiple shades representing community and diversity among aromantics and asexuals.

    The amid flag uses shades of grey in place of yellow and orange. The term grey is used for those who find themselves in between a lack of and presence of attraction (greysexual, greyromantic). They also come in multiple shades to represent community and diversity.

    As the blues represent a combination of asexuality and aromantism, those remain present in the mid flags, as does the white stripe for unity.

    The terms were coined on Novemebr 21, 2019.[2] The official blog by the term coin is mid-community on Tumblr.[3]


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