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    The alogogender flag

    Alogogender, also described as Irratiogender or Arologoarithmagender is a mathgender under the arithmogender umbrella in which one feels as though their gender is best described and/or represented by irrational numbers or operations in some way. This number could be any irrational algebraic or irrational transcendent, or also an equation that has by result an irrational number such as the golden proportion.

    This gender may also serve as an umbrella term for other, more specific xenic alogogenders such as pi(π)gender, euler(e)gender, phi(Φ)gender/aureagender, or genders based around square roots of prime numbers or logarithms.

    History and Flag

    This term was first coined by the FANDOM user Pi the Gaming Owl in stars userpage on the date of June 6, 2021. The first alogogender flag was created by user Tanuki Star on 7th of June 7, 2021.

    The flag resembles the arithmogender flag, since they're strongly associated. Most rectangles in this flag are either half or a complete rectangle calculated with the golden ratio, while the I stands for Irrational. Pi, Phi and Euler are widely recognized irrational numbers, while the square root and logarith are operations that have a high probability of resulting in an irrational number. The infinite symbol is because, as described by the Zermelo–Fraenkel set theory, the irrational infinity and the rational infinity are both infinite, but the irrational infinity is infinitely bigger than the rational infinity.


    The prefix "alogo-" comes from the Greek word álogos, which translates to "irrational" or "non-sensical", referring to the nature of the number and/or operation that represents the gender.



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