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    The arithmogender flag.
    An alternate arithmogender flag.

    Arithmogender or arithmagender is a mathgender in which one feels as though their gender is best described through a certain number or is connected to a number in some way. This could be any number, including decimals, fractions, positive, and negative numbers.

    History and Flag

    The date of origin of the term is unknown, although multiple sources allege that Tumblr user mogai-archive coined the term.[1][2]

    The first arithmogender flag was created by DeviantArt user Pride-Flags on September 13, 2015.[3] The flag is stylized to resemble a chalkboard with writing on it.

    An alternate arithmogender flag was created by FANDOM user Bluesprucedude on May 17, 2021. The flag has black stripes arranged like an absolute value or |x| sign. Rather than a letter or a number in the center, however, the flag has a red drop, similar to the periods used by Abd-al-Fattah Bin Abd-al-Rahman al-Banna al-Dumyati in his 1887 treatise الأنتخاب فى علم الحساب, or The Best of Arithmetic,[4] meant to imply that the absolute value of arithmogender is its connection to both the universal omnipresence and cultural history of mathematics.


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