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    Agenamoric flag
    An alternate Agenamoric flag

    Agenamoric (also known as Anamoric, Nullamoric, or Nulamoric) is the agender specific version of diamoric. It is a term that can be used by agender people to describe their orientation. It can be used to describe any orientation which does not fit into the similar/opposite gender attraction dichotomy due to being a uniquely agender experience. The term does not specify what gender(s) one is attracted to, it only specifies that one is agender and experiences attraction in an agender specific way. It can be an orientation on its own or it can be used as an umbrella term to describe a variety of agender attractions. Agenamoric can also used to describe a relationship in which one or more of the people involved is agender. Agenamoric falls under the umbrella of aponian, which is the diamoric term for all genderless people.

    Agenamoric Orientations

    Some examples of agenamoric orientations include:


    Agenamoric was coined by Tumblr user lgbtqiarchive on July 4th, 2020.[1]

    Flags and Symbols

    The meaning of the original Agenamoric flag is unknown.

    The alternative flag was created by Fandom user Fruitindividual on February 8th, 2021.[2] The dark green represents community, the light green represents non-binary genders, the grey represents partial gender, and the black represents absence of gender. The large white bar echoes back to the sapphic and diamoric flags and the purple myrtle is important in that it was sacred to Adonis and Aphrodite, their relationship to the myrtle being diamoric.

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